U. of Wisconsin Is Accused of Bias Against White Applicants

By The Chronicle of Higher Education September 13, 2011

The Center for Equal Opportunity, an advocacy organization opposed to racial and ethnic preferences, has issued a report accusing the University of Wisconsin at Madison of extreme bias against white students in its undergraduate and law-school admissions. The center, which waged a prolonged legal battle with the university to obtain the admissions data on which its report is based, alleged in a news release that the university practices “the most severe undergraduate admissions discrimination” it has encountered in 15 years of examining colleges’ admissions practices, with black and Hispanic applicants being hundreds of times more likely to be admitted there than are white applicants with similar class ranks and SAT scores. Dennis Chaptman, a university spokesman, said on Monday that he was unable to comment on the report because the center had refused to allow the university access to it until after its release today.